Design Guide

The design guide will help you define which colors and fonts to use across your website.

You can also browse the "Big Four" components and their variations, to learn how to best express your message to the end users.

UI Elements

The UI Elements list will help you get an overview of site fonts, colors and element styles.

Component Variations

There are 4 main components used for page building. These are commonly referred to as the "Big Four". Below you will find examples of each variation/style you can use on these to differentiate them and match their content.

Download Center


Text Wrapping Around Image

Text component with text wrapping around an image

Find Hearing Centre


Example Pages


Two Section Grid


Product Filter

The product filter is used as a platform from where the user can search for a desired product. The product filter contains a drop down list with filter values that are used to facilitate the search for a product.




The Blog template is used for all pages listing available blog posts. This could be either the front page of the blog, or any category pages, listing blog posts within a certain category.