Treating Hearing Loss 

1 in 6 adults experience hearing loss – you are not alone. But like other health-related matters it is important not to ignore it and to get help. There is plenty to get.

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Hearing loss can be a life-changing issue – and if you think you have a hearing loss we recommend you to seek treatment as soon as possible. Most hearing losses can be treated with hearing care.

The options for treatment vary and depend on a number of factors – first of all your degree of hearing loss, but also the type of hearing loss you have and your lifestyle is will be taken into consideration. 

The hearing care professionals at Audika have in-depth knowledge of all types of hearing loss. We have a wide selection of quality hearing aids – and we are with you every step of the way.   

How to get hearing aids 

Get a free hearing test, personal hearing aid fittings and on-going aftercare.

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    Get personal hearing aid fittings

    A hearing aid is a very personal device and an advanced piece of technology – therefore, an individual fitting is essential. At Audika our hearing care professionals carefully ensure that your hearing aids will deliver its full benefit.

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    Get on-going aftercare

    Our expertise and service do not stop once you have received your hearing aid solution. We offer on-going aftercare to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your hearing aids for years to come – and you continue to benefit from better hearing.

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The treatment

To ensure the best possible treatment for you, we take you through three steps: A hearing test, an examination and an interview.

The hearing test takes about 60 minutes. You will be wearing a set of headphones and will be asked to press a button in response to a series of tones. This helps us to define the degree of your hearing loss.

Then we examine your ears to see if there are signs of obstruction, wax or infection that may cause some of your hearing loss. At the interview we will ask you about your difficulties in hearing.

Our recommendation depends on the test results and your answers. If you will benefit from wearing hearing aids we will discuss the best treatment option for you


The interview 

In order to get a detailed understanding of your hearing loss and needs we ask you some questions about your difficulties in hearing, e.g.: 

  • Where, when and in which situations do you feel challenged the most with your hearing? 
  • Your lifestyle – how active are you and do you have special needs? 
  • The concerns you might have regarding you hearing loss and wearing hearing aids.
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