Types of hearing loss

Whether you were born with impaired hearing or you experienced a gradual loss with age, you can benefit from having hearing aids fitted.

Causes and characteristics

To treat hearing loss effectively we need to define the type of hearing loss that the person has. We do this using these three criteria.

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    When did it

    Congenital hearing loss is present at birth and is caused by genetic factors, maternal health problems or birth injuries


    Acquired hearing loss begins after birth

  • Noise-induced_hearing_loss_250x250

    Is it a temporary condition?

    A medical condition such as a blockage of ear wax can cause hearing loss


    Noise-induced hearing loss can result from exposure to very loud noise. This is also called temporary threshold shift

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    ​Which part of the ear?

    Conductive hearing loss usually comes from a disruption of the sound's path to the inner ear from the outer or middle ear


    Sensorineural hearing loss occurs when the delicate nerve fibres of the inner ear become damaged


Sensorineural hearing loss

This is the most common type of hearing loss and is usually permanent. Sufferers experience that the clarity and amplification of sounds are affected, making people's voices sound like they are mumbling or distorted. It is most commonly caused by the natural processes of aging but can also result from excessive exposure to noise. 

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