Hearing aid prices

Finding the right hearing aids are essential to your personal, working and social life. Hearing aids are advanced digital devices and the prices vary from $500 to $3.500 depending on the technology, style and type you choose.

Our hearing care professionals will help you finding the right hearing aids that meet both your needs and budget.


Why quality Hearing Aids are worth the investment

There is a lot to consider when it comes to the price of hearing aids. Keep in mind that you will be wearing the devices every day, seven days a week. Therefore it is important that you spend your money on hearing aids that fit your needs.

When paying for hearing aids at Audika, you get qualified experts, after care and support included in the price too. Hearing aids must be personalized and fitted by hearing care professionals to ensure your hearing aids will deliver its full benefit.

Our hearing aids come with the newest and most advanced technology. They are designed to support you the most and remedy your hearing loss – so you can communicate, socialize and enjoy life with friends and family with less effort.

Do you need new hearing aids?

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