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    Your hearing is our expertise

    Most hearing loss can be treated with hearing care. Our focus is to help you reach your full hearing potential, so you can enjoy life with less effort.

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    We'll give you a personalized fitting

    A hearing aid is an advanced piece of technology that must be calibrated for your ears. Unhurried, individual fitting gives you the best possible hearing clarity.

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    Keep your hearing aids working well

    Once you have your hearing aids, you won't be alone out there. Our aftercare professionals will ensure you continue to get the best performance for years to come.

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Do you have hearing loss?

Test your hearing with 5 simple questions about everyday situations. Your answers will give you an indication of your hearing acuity.
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  • How well are you hearing?

    This short questionnaire can help you gain insights into your hearing abilities. Think about how these everyday listening situations affect you.

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  • Question 1/5

    Do you find that people around you mumble or speak quietly?

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  • Question 2/5

    Do you have to turn the volume up just to hear the TV?
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  • Question 3/5

    Do you often ask your family and friends to repeat what they have said?

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  • Question 4/5

    Do you need to look directly at people to understand what they are saying?
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  • Question 5/5

    Do you find it difficult to follow conversations in busy places like restaurants and cafés?
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3 steps to better hearing

The path to better hearing may be easier than you think. 

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    Enjoy the benefits of better hearing

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